To begin you will be prompted to complete a comprehensive questionnaire to help us understand your situation, preferences and body type. This will allow us to put together a program specifically for you to ensure optimal progress towards the de-sired outcome.

On your first few days will have an inital assessment. This will be accompanied by an In Body scan. These results will give you a detailed insight to your body. The aim of this session is to get a baseline of where you are currently at in regards to body composition and with strength to weight ratio with a bodyweight exercise fitness test, a series of measurements and progress pictures. This will serve as a great method of judging your progress later down the line and maintain motivation levels.

You will receive the first phase of your 3 phase progressive training programme within 3 days of completing the questionnaire. From then on it will be updated every 3 weeks. This will aid in avoiding plateau and ensuring progressive overload. Every day before work or just after you wake up, a Minimum of a 30 minutes “fat burn walk” This helps jump start your metabolic rate. After your training session, this will be a work out of the day. Which will consist of circut or core training exercise. This is to be done immediately after your work out.

You will receive the initial guidelines for your nutrition programme within 3 days of completing the questionnaire. For the first week, we will set your first week’s nutrition. After the first week, RPT will set you macros for the week. We will give you the knowledge on how to track your macros and give you a insight to a macros tracked diet, Which you can cook whatever you want! ( as long as its with in your macros.) This approach increases the chance of long term sustainable change so you know exactly what you need to do to enjoy the results for the rest of your life

You will have support whenever needed either via the online instant messaging plat-form, private Facebook group and phone calls every 4 weeks for the more detailed subjects so you’ll always have all the help, motivation or accountability you need. We prides ourselves in clear explanations and continuous guidance regarding how to make the most of your programe for maximum results.

Every week we will review your progress and instruct you to do a physical review with another bodyweight fitness test along with new measurements. an optional progress photo will be taken to see your changes. You will then have an in depth review of your programme to discuss potential changes. You will be required to attend the group Fitness challanges each week.