16 Week - Comp Prep Package - Face-to-Face

16 Week - Comp Prep Package - Face-to-Face

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Recovery PT specialise in building winning physiques for all bodybuilding federations and divisions. Our experience and expertise will get you on stage looking like a greek god and give you all the tools necessary to present your best package.

Package includes:

✅In-Depth assessment of current training, diet, lifestyle and injuries
✅16 Week Carb-Cycled Nutrition Plan adjusted as required based on progress (Vegetarian & Vegan options available)
✅Peak week training & nutrition
✅Macro Breakdown & Calorie Target
✅16-Week Personalised Bodybuilding program ( 4 x 4 Week training blocks)
✅Weekly check-in and feedback (photo & measurements)
✅Fortnightly posing routine check-in
✅Night before comp posing and mentoring call or video chat
✅Access to the Recovery PT private Facebook group for motivation, workout tutorial videos, tips and networking with the Recovery PT family
✅Use the My PT Hub app to track your workouts and progress
✅Reverse diet nutrition plan
✅Recovery PT comp day t-shirt
✅Discounted PT Sessions (5 x 60min sessions for $350, save $50)

Check-ins will keep you accountable and ensure you are making the most out of your training. Talk to your trainer whenever you need for advice, motivation or support. 

Prepare for your comp for as little as $61.87 per week!