5 Week - Health & Wellness Package - Online

5 Week - Health & Wellness Package - Online

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If you are looking to improve you overall health and wellbeing, optimise your nutrition and get more active while supporting a good cause, this package is for you. 

80% of all proceeds are donated directly to charities in support of Men's Mental Health. 

Package includes:

✅5 Week energy boosting nutrition plan. Create positive habits with your nutrition and eat the right foods, at the right time, in the right portions for the right result.
✅5 Week Strength and Conditioning plan. Form good exercise habits and break out of bad habits. 
✅5 Week Cardio, Flexibility and Mindset plan. Retrain you way of thinking and focus on positivity. 
✅5-Week Personalised Power-Lifting program
✅5-Week Personalised Bodybuilding/Hypertrophy program
✅PDF emailed directly to you with all the information
✅Access to the Recovery PT private Facebook group for motivation, workout tutorial videos, tips and networking with the Recovery PT family